You have the benefit of two different opportunities to participate in our programme: the "Pay & Play" sessions and structured courses.  Our Pay & Play sessions run every Saturday of the year and you are most welcome to just turn up and pay on the day.  Our structured courses require you to register on to a course and pay termly.  Please see below our term dates.

Our programme has a strong developmental approach but also recognises the need for performance players.

2017 Spring Term : 12 weeks

Starts Ends
 w/b Monday 9th January  w/b Monday 3rd April
 excluding w/b Monday 20th February.


2017 Summer Term : 12 weeks

Starts Ends
w/b Monday 24th April w/b Monday 17th July
excluding w/b Monday 29th May.


2017 Autumn Term : 14 weeks

Starts Ends
w/b Monday 4th September w/b Monday 11th December
excluding w/b Monday 23rd Oct