The coaching team are : Roger Manvell, Tracy Manvell, Chris Green, Ben Horton & Sara Robson.


Roger Manvell - Level 4


Roger has over 30 years of coaching experience both in the U.K. and abroad. He is qualified to L.T.A. Club Coach, and USPTR, gaining most of his experience in top London clubs and working in Portugal with Great Britain's Davis Cup Captain, Roger Taylor.

Roger started his playing career as a junior at the Avenue, later returning as resident Club Coach six years ago. He has developed both junior and adult squads, which have proved to be extremely popular and together with his individual coaching, is successful in raising the standard of play whilst helping to increase club membership.


Tracy Manvell - Level 3

Tracy_sml.jpgTracy has reached a high standard in playing both squash and tennis, with a resulting career in coaching. At tennis she is qualified to L.T.A. Development Coach Award and has held numerous titles including Hampshire Junior Singles Champion and Hants Senior Doubles Champion. Tracy is one of a few players to represent Hampshire at both tennis and squash.



Tennis Assistants

We are very lucky to have a number of talented and enthusiastic juniors at the club who have joined the team to develop their skills and help us run the tennis programmes and the Pro Shop. They continue to grow with us and we are very grateful for their help.

Individual Lessons:

  one hour  half hour  2 people  3 people
Level 4  £29.00              £15.00             £15.00 each         £11.00 each
Roger Manvell              
Level 3        
Tracy Manvell £26.00  £14.00  £14.00each  £10.00each
Chris Green  £22.00  £12.00  £12.00each  £8.00each
Ben Horton & Sara Robson £20.00 £11.00 £11.00each £8.00each